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I’m tired of spit up. And I’m tired of poo.

For a while I accepted it. I learned to not change my clothes every time a little spit up missed the burp cloth. But have you smelled curdled milk? Have you worn it? Not pleasant.

I have been anticipating Jack spitting up in my hair and on Tuesday at 1:00am he did. Yuck. I didn’t want to take a shower at one in the morning, so I rinsed it off, pulled it in a pony tail, tried not to think about it and went back to bed.

Last night, Jack had two blowouts (for those of you who don’t know, a blowout is when the poo escapes the diaper, leaks through the clothes, and at times reaches the most obscure places of the body). Both times I got sticky grossness on my arm when I picked him up.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that Jack can’t help it. His poor little body isn’t mature enough to keep his food down or to consistently hold the poo in overnight. I’m just searching for a solution to the poop problem. Our cloth diapers contain the poo inside the diaper, but don’t absorb a night’s worth of urine. I think tonight we’ll put a disposable diaper on him and a cloth liner over the disposable. Maybe that’ll work. No more poopy clothes! What a glorious thought.

It’s not all bad. Maybe you’ll find this video as entertaining as we do.


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