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Mental & Physical Health

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this here, but I have had a pretty negative attitude in the last few months. I guess I said I was depressed due to sleep depravation. Well, the sleep depravation hasn’t totally gone away and neither has the depression. I’m not clinically depressed. But I am generally down.

I just read an article on the effects of sleep on our emotions. Did you know that when you’re sleep deprived your brain isn’t able to process your emotions? An important part of sleep and specifically REM sleep is your brain’s work to process emotions from your experiences. I think at one time I knew this, but this explains my general bah-humbug attitude towards life lately. It also explains why Jack is such a happy baby. If I slept 15 hours a day I would be happy too!
Also associated with this is my lack of exercise. I read somewhere else that taking three brisk 30 minute walks a week should help pick up one’s spirits. And I’m sure diet has a part to do with all of this as well.

I think it’s time for me to say enough is enough and to take control of my emotions by doing something about my physical habits.

  • I will go to bed at 10:00pm. Seinfeld is not important. It will always be around and I do not need to watch the reruns on Fox every night.
  • I will go on walks each morning… ok, we’ll start with every other morning. I always feel better after a walk, it just takes some willpower to get going. I can do it!
  • I will eat an apple a day – or at least increase my fruit and vegetable intake. Increased fiber is supposed to make you eat less and as I’m still trying to loose that baby fat I can use a little less unhealthy food and more fiber! (Not to mention the added benefit of speeding things up in the digestive track. Holy cow! Has everything dried up down there? No one told me that when I got pregnant)
So there they are. My mid-year resolutions. Will you hold me accountable?

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