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Did I Go Too Far?

Alright, here’s the situation.

I went to the grocery store and saw a new mom pushing her cart with what was obviously a new born in a car seat (so cute!). As I glanced over – or gawked is more like it, was Jack really that tiny!? – I noticed that the baby was sucking on a bottle that only had water in it. Tim and I had heard a story about a baby that died from too much water in his formula (water intoxication) so I became very alarmed.

I debated with myself whether to say anything to this new mom. I felt so nosy, but decided I wanted to stand up on their behalf and perhaps help out a little (maybe even save a life, in my mind). So, I politely went up to her, asked the babies age, and quickly said, “Did you know babies aren’t supposed to have water?”

She told me her doctor told her to give it to him because it keeps babies hydrated and helps with digestion.


As far as I know breastmilk/formula hydrates just fine. But digestion? Never heard that before.

Has anyone else?

Now I’m sitting at home feeling stupid about approaching this girl (I really dislike talking to strangers) and also worried about this baby who was very very cute… and tiny!


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