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One Lonely Mommy

Loneliness is something most moms deal with. To quote Carla Barnhill who wrote The Myth of the Perfect Mother,“Our friendships with other women are often the first thing we sacrifice when we have children, simply because we know they’ll understand.” (92) Ouch. I find that to be a harsh reality.

My friend Kelly and I were pregnant together. We went on walks together at least once a week during our pregnancies and often talked about pushing strollers together soon. But when Amaya was born and then Jack, those walks just haven’t happened as we both thought. We admit that those first few months of motherhood we were just trying to survive so we were unable to reach out to one another. Since our babies’ births, I think we have gone on two walks. Two. Ouch.

But it’s not only other moms who I have lost touch with. I feel I haven’t seen my other girlfriends as much either. I know they’re busy – we all are, – but I am beginning to think moms aren’t the only lonely ones. We all seem to have difficulty finding time for one another. Or maybe I am the only one feeling this way.

Tim is going on a camping trip for three days with work. I don’t think I really realized he was leaving until 45 minutes ago. I’m lonely and I don’t know what to do with myself until Tuesday.

I used to find this demotivational poster from despair.com funny. Now I’m not so sure.


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