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Thoughts on the Last Post

The responses to my last post made me think a lot about what I experienced nine or ten months ago. The truth is I actually wrote the majority of that post last March or April. I wrote it when I was much closer to the drama than I am now. I wrote it when I was struggling to reconnect with God after feeling so far away from him for so long.

But your comments about hormones and depression made me start to wonder. What was going on with me emotionally? I know one thing, I regret that I could not enjoy Jack during those first months of his life. I blame it all on the troubles we had with breastfeeding – which was huge, I’ve only mentioned it a gazillion times on here – and I feel like I need to mourn the loss of what I felt the first weeks should I have been like. But am I really any different from the average mom postpartum?

Does anyone know the difference between hormonal baby blues and all out postpartum depression? It seems most moms I know struggle the first couple of months or more, but only 10% are diagnosed as depressed (or so I’ve read). Does anyone know why?

I have another post in the works on “survival mode” and I would love to hear what your experiences were like those first few weeks or months of your baby’s (or babies’) life. Did you enjoy your baby? Did you just “get by”? What went on with you?


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