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Halloween Costume Idea

I love dressing up and pretending to be someone else. Growing up, I didn’t even know you could buy costumes because my mom always either made mine or we found some get up in the play clothes that transformed me into a Wealthy Old Maid (one of my favorites), a Black Cat (my last time out trick-or-treating), or Pinnochio (that costume was horrible by the way, mom; but I realize that Shelby had been born three weeks before Halloween that year so I now understand why we had no costumes until the night before).

(The Halloween Page of the Scrapbook My Mom Made for Me, Click to Enlarge)

This year I get to have even more fun and I get to dress up my son too!! I have always wanted to dress Jack as the traditional baby pumpkin that I have seen in so many of my friends’ pictures. But I have started to entertain other costume possibilities when I saw this adorable skunk costume at ReadersDigest.com:

No one is more surprised than me that I am actually considering making Jack a costume (emphasis should probably be on the word considering), but I found a feather boa at The Dollar Tree and now I am actually considering it! The hard part is finding black clothes for a baby – but he could be a navy blue skunk, right? It’s Halloween after all! Anyone can be anything! (There are other great ideas in the article 20 Creative Homemade Halloween Costumes check it out!)


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