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Yes. Just say YES!

Jack won’t say yes.

I know he can say yes. He used to be so cute saying “yeth” or “yeah” while “talking” on his phone. But now, all he says is no.

And it’s driving me crazy!

At first it was super cute because he answers yes or no questions with a no. And his voice diphthongs up, like he means to say yes, but doesn’t. While it is cute, after a week or two it is wearing on my soul because the word “no” has so much negative energy behind it. (please pray for patience!)

I have been working on teaching Jack to say “yes” just like I would any other word.

“Can you say yes Jack? Yyyyeeeessss?”

He looks at me with his cute grin and gives his best effort:


I feel like Phoebe trying to teach Joey how to speak French…


4 thoughts on “Yes. Just say YES!

  1. Are you responding to Jack when he “dipthongs” the “no”? If you are, maybe you are reinforcing its use? What do I know….


    • I have been considering just not giving him what he wants if he says “yes” through his happy “no.”


      Me: Do you want some food?
      Jack: Nnnoooo!
      Jack: screaming…..

      Maybe it’s not such a good idea if the only result is whining.

      I feel like I just need to wait it out until he gets over this word. He’s not being rebellious or resisting me with it. He just won’t say anything else!!


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