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I AM the Mom.

A really hilarious thing happened tonight that I want to share with you.

We were eating dinner when there was an overly cheerful knock at the door. (You know the type: Rap-tap-tap-tap-tap *** TAP-TAP!)

Slightly annoyed, I went to answer it. A young guy was standing there, probably in his early 20s, and he said, “Oh, uh, sorry. Is your mom home?”

I think I kept myself from laughing out loud when I answered, “I AM the mom.”

The poor guy was so flustered.

It made my day!


3 thoughts on “I AM the Mom.

  1. Oh my gosh I would have just died laughing! Actually, I probably would have tripped over myself trying to make sure he didn’t feel bad… THEN I would have died laughing.


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