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The Keys to Happiness

Today I was running on the treadmill at the Y and after watching a very happy man win lawn service for a year, a hot tub, and a trip to Denmark (so cool) I switched channels to see Kathie Lee & Hoda on the Today show. They read an article from the paper today that was, well, an interesting take on happiness. Ready? Here’s the video. (or if you don’t want to watch the video I’ve summarized below)


The keys to happiness:

(They said this is from a study in today’s New York Post)

  • 6 hrs 15 mins of uninterrupted sleep
  • 7 hrs 15 mins at work per day
  • Home from work at 5:42pm
  • 20 min commute
  • 5 home cooked meals a week
  • 2 hours of play with your children each day
  • 3 hrs and 58 minutes with a partner
  • 4 alcoholic drinks per week
  • 4 shopping trips a month
  • 2 trips abroad a year

I thought it would be interesting to compare this to my life. Ready??

  • Anywhere from 6.5 – 8.5 hours of sleep a night (though I need 8 or else I’m cranky! I don’t know who is happy with only 6!)
  • I largely work from home during nap times and during stolen moments adding up to about 3 hrs of work a day and once or twice a week I get between 5 and 7 hours of work time. What would it be like to have a 7.25hr work day? Does anyone have that??
  • Let’s see, last night I left for the theology class at 6:00pm and got back at 9:10… and I am happy with that!
  • I have a 20ish minute commute to the office and a 2 second commute from the couch to the desk.
  • What is classified a “home cooked” meal exactly? We eat at home almost every day/night…
  • Do you have to play for a block of 2 hours? Jack and I play on and off all day since I’m home with him.
  • 3 hrs 58 minutes a week? or a day? I think I get this with Tim at least on a weekly basis, though I would love more!
  • 4 alcoholic drinks maybe… every few months. Not a necessity and we can’t afford it!
  • 4 shopping trips a week. I’m always missing something. Plus, I go to Costco for bulk items, Target for home needs, the grocery store for groceries, and Sunflower Market every once in awhile for 88cent avocados. I need less shopping trips.
  • Abroad??? What’s that? Oh yeah. I went there once, nearly 7 years ago!!

My life doesn’t fall into that neat pattern. So, I must not be happy, right? Frankly, I think they’re missing some things:

  • Alone time!! I need probably 7 hours alone a week to keep happy.
  • Time with Jesus. He’s the only true source of hope and joy in life anyways.
  • Exercise! Get that serotonin pumping!!!
  • Cookies!!! At least a dozen a week…

What do you think of the results of this little “study”?


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