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A Moment

Last night, I sat in silence in front of my lit Christmas tree wondering if there was some way to know the reality of Christmas. To know the impact Christ’s life has on us all because of his birth. I read a bit of the book of Acts, stared into space, then turned on my ipod. Michael W. Smith’s song, “Welcome to Our World” came on and the Holy Spirit struck me.

The words are simple, but this one verse, one simple verse, knocked me off of my feet and I found myself with tears streaming down my face.

So wrap our injured flesh around You

Breath our air and walk our sod

Rob our sin and make us holy

Perfect Son of God

Perfect Son of God

Welcome to our world*

I had a vision of a baby, then a young man, joyful and full of life, smiling and loving everyone, loving me. Then He was on the cross and in moments down again, making me whole and perfect as He desires me to be. For that moment all of my fears were gone. All of my stress from work, motherhood, preparing to travel, they all disappeared and I was whole in Jesus’ presence. Wholly and dearly loved.

I have read about people who live in this knowledge. Every moment they remember they are loved by the God who made the world. Every moment they rejoice in His life and suffering on our behalf. They do not stress or fear, but instead live in grace and love because they know God’s love for them.

Lord, I pray that I would not forget what you showed me last night. May it be continually on my mind and in my heart in everything I do.

*Lyrics by Chris Rice


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