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Jack is 2!!!

Whenever I go awhile without blogging I get pretty intimidated about all of the things I want to say! I want to be more consistent! How do you bloggers do it with everything else in life?!

Jack turned 2 on December 4th and I can’t keep up with the many ways he is changing! My little man is growing up. Kids at church are getting used to calling him just “Jack” instead of “Baby Jack,” but he’s always going to be my baby!

Here are some new things Jack is saying:

  • “I want juice.” That was Jack’s first sentence about a month ago. I was so surprised I said, “ok!” Now he asks for it all the time – and half of the time he actually wants milk.


  • “I want my Dah-ee! Where’s my Dah-ee??” (followed by many tears if Tim is at work. Poor thing!)
  • “It’s a mom!” or “It’s a dad!” When he sees one of us.
  • “Jump!!” (accompanied by a squat and launch with only one foot off the floor – it’s super cute)
  • He can “read” the essentials of “Go Dog, Go!” which was his favorite book for about a week.
  • He counts, one at a time. “un… un… un…” Sometimes it’s “ayn… ayn… ayn…” Technically when he counts one at a time he’s correct. Technically… 😉
  • “Peeza.”
  • “Cheese!” for every picture.

Jack has by far the best laugh around, from his hearty giggles to his much more mature, French sounding huhuhu!

The family really enjoyed him this Christmas. He received more presents than anyone and I’m thankful Tim was the one who packed them into our Forester for the long drive back to Colorado.

While we were in Wisconsin, we took Jack tubing. He loves the snow! Especially throwing snowballs. I hope you can get a taste of how great he is in this video. Every day I love him more!

We hope you had a Merry Christmas!


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