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Mama = Protector

On Tuesday, the most freezingest day of the year (high was -3 with a significantly lower wind chill), we decided to go see Tangled. I love a good movie and I had heard this was a good one, so I thought it would be fun to take Jack! We bundled up and felt like we were back in Minnesota with the frigid cold temperatures. Actually, it was something of an adventure for us to experience that again! I rather enjoyed myself.

Anyway… after the movie was over and we climbed into our freezing car (after being shocked to see a family leave the theatre wearing nothing more than sweatshirts – “Even in Wisconsin people wear coats!” said Tim), I asked Tim if he liked the movie.

“Disney can’t seem to help making such evil villains. You just get sick of them.” He also commented on the intensity of some of the scenes, something I have noticed in several “children’s” movies.

Jack didn’t seem to be phased by the movie all that much. No nightmares. No crying during the movie. But unfortunately I think that is the last movie we will take him to for awhile, because his awareness of fearful situations is rising. And we can’t watch these movies at home anymore either. Just now, he was watching his beloved “Elmo” (Finding Nemo) and started whimpering when Nemo is taken by the diver. He has never done that before.

I am thankful for his sensitivity. Yesterday, I was upset about something (that would be an entirely different blog post) and started crying. My eyes were closed, but I heard Jack turn from his play and ask “What’s wrong?” He asked me that 3 more times before he reached me and gave me a big hug. I want to protect his sensitive heart as long as I can from the fear and pain that were causing my tears yesterday.

The reality of pain in this world is daunting as a parent. We don’t want our children to experience it when inevitably they will. However I will not be the one to expose Jack to frightening experiences just as I do not expose myself to horror films that keep me awake at night.

So, Nemo will go on the shelf for awhile alongside Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, and even Bambi (which freaked me out as a kid). His innocence is a gift. And I will protect that.


2 thoughts on “Mama = Protector

  1. you’re a good mom. I am a big believer in protecting my kids’ innocence, too, not just when they are little, but even as we move deeper into the teen years.


    • Thanks Carla! Good point. I remember as a teenager (and even sometimes today!) feeling “naive” about many many things, but I would rather be naive than disturbed so I’m thankful for my parents’ protection of me.


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