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My Birthday Dream <3

Yesterday I turned 29.

Wow, that’s weird to say.

Anyways, Tim told me a week ago that on my birthday I had an appointment at 2:15 and would need to bring Jack to our friend’s house at 1:30 so they could watch him. Tim has never been one to keep a secret, so I was sure he would tell me what was happening before my appointment. Boy was I wrong!

I received a wonderful card yesterday morning along with a map to Orange Skye Spa in Englewood AND some spending money for afterwards! His note says Have a relaxing time at the Orange Skye Spa, and I will meet you for dinner.

I assumed (correctly) that he set up an appointment for me to have a massage. What I didn’t know was that he actually bought me a package which included an hour long massage, an hour long European Facial AND a glass of wine and chocolate covered strawberries to enjoy between the treatments.

Oh. My. Word.

As I sat eating my chocolates and sipping the white zin I thought to myself, “Is this real?!”

It was wonderful. For those of you who have never had a facial, you’ve got to try it. Perhaps it’s because I was already on Cloud 9 from Amy’s amazing touch, but Carrie’s creams and lotions and steam and vitamin C and her gentle touch on my face was so wonderful! PLUS the facial included a hand/arm massage AND a foot massage. I almost fell asleep on the table.

During Amy’s massage I found myself thinking, is this what it feels like to love yourself? To treat yourself well? Is this what it means to receive God’s love for you? Pure peace. Inner joy. No guilt or turmoil. Just goodness all over. Inside and out.

If so, I want more of that off of the massage table.

Thank you, Tim, for a wonderful birthday. Thank you for expressing your love for me in such an extravagant manner. I love you too.

29 is going to be a great year.


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