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What’s the Proper Response?

What’s the proper response when your 2 year old poops in the tub? And not only poops, but remains seated on it so that it is smashed into the grooves around the drain?

Then, you take him out of the tub and in an effort to pick up the poop (with rubber gloves) you wind up causing bits and pieces to float into the nearby toys that you mindlessly left in the tub in haste to get the poop out of the tub as fast as possible.

What’s the proper response to that?

Then, as you quickly remove said toys from the tub, you bring them to the sink aware that the drips on the floor are possibly spreading ecoli around the room and even the apartment as fast as you can walk. Filling the sink with water and bleach you pray that the other germs disappear on their own as you spray the tub clean with your fantastic diaper sprayer that now serves a new purpose and saves you from scrubbing the poop out of the tub with your own hands. The only bright point in the whole event.

What’s the proper response?


6 thoughts on “What’s the Proper Response?

  1. Leah – my experience in the past month with the bathtub and germ-spreading bacteria coming from a a little boy’s body had to do with puke. In an effort to spare his bed and carpet from another inundation, I ran him to the bathroom where he promptly covered the sink, toilet and the tub (and all of the toys in the bath). UGH! SO GROSS! BUT I didn’t care because it was better than hot dog chunks being ground into the carpet (again) … oh how our lives will never be the same thanks to these little guys!


  2. We, too, have had this problem. We keep a potty right by the tub and watch for signs. When poop happens, we abandon the bathtub ship, and I find myself miraculously needed in the nursery while my husband cleans up the poop. (Just kidding. Kind of.)


  3. Haha! I knew I must not be the only one. I didn’t allow myself to speak the whole time. Unfortunately, my husband is working so I got to clean it all up by myself.

    Emily – that’s awful. Your right. Our lives just aren’t the same. We earn awards for this, right?


  4. Leah…….remember the story about you….same age as Jack is now…. involving the same bodily waste……….twice?? If you don’t remember, I’m sure Aunt Julie and Uncle Scott can retell it to you.


  5. And yes, you earn rewards. Some of them now with sweet, innocent hugs and kisses. And many more, for the rest of your life, as you enjoy your grown up boy. I know about this 🙂


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