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To Potty or not To Potty?

Yesterday I bought a potty seat at Target and let Jack pick out his own big boy pants.

Today, I let him run around naked. He has peed in the living room, eating area, on my bed, in the bathroom and eventually all of those times resulted in him peeing in the toilet after I said “stop!” and we ran to the potty together.

It’s exciting that he does go in the right place eventually. He seems ready to do this, I’m just wondering if I’m ready for this today. I feel sleep deprived so I’m thinking that no I’m not and next week might be better. I put him back in his diaper 5 minutes ago.

If you have any tips for potty training I will gladly hear them!


2 thoughts on “To Potty or not To Potty?

  1. I’m catching up on my blog reading…

    It sounds to me like Jack is doing amazing! He’s really able to stop when you say stop and get to the potty chair? That’s so great! Have you tried again since this post? If not, my advice would be to wait until the weekend or whenever Tim has a couple days off and do the same thing, but with Tim there to help watch Jack, get him to the potty, and help clean up the messes. On those days you can also try playing as much as possible in the kitchen or bathroom where the floors are probably easier to clean than everywhere else. Potty training Carter was by far my worst experience of parenthood so far, so I’m praying your experience is better than ours!


    • Thanks for the encouragement Heidi! I think we will try again this coming weekend. Life has been a little crazy and I haven’t had a chance to take the time. Plus, Tim is finally off this Saturday (he usually works every Saturday) and so I won’t be alone the whole weekend doing it!! Our kitchen is small, but with hulu on my laptop and some creative play time I think we can do it. 🙂 I hope we can!!


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