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Before April comes, I want to give an update with some pictures from the last few months! As I was looking at the bookshelf and Jack’s long neglected baby book, I was inspired to document a little more of his life both here and there. Let’s start here.

I continue to be amazed at how much Jack changes over just a short amount of time. His vocabulary has really blossomed since he turned two nearly four months ago. Instead of a dozen words used frequently, he pieces together sentences and phrases continuously. Some favorites:

I race! I’m fast! (and sometimes:) I’m Lightning!! (as he runs across the apartment no doubt causing a lot of noise for our downstairs neighbors)

A conversation we frequently have:

Jack: Where’s Daddy?

Me: Daddy’s at work.

Jack: Fixing cars.

Tim taught him this:

Waz up?! Ah nothin.

There is also:

See you later! or Be right back! as he gets on his toy car and rides away.

And of course, every two year old’s favorite word: Mine! Jack will often combine “mine” with other objects. Mine spoon. Mine game. Mine coffee! (oh yeah, he loves coffee. thankfully I’ve switched to decaf and he came have as much as he wants)

Here are some pics to tell the rest of the story:

Jack loves the snow! Unless he falls face first in it. If that happens the best solution is hot chocolate, popcorn, and his good friend Curious George.

Jack enjoyed his first professional “baw-game” when we had tickets to the Nuggets in January. What do you think? Could he be a future star? Perhaps he has some growing to do.

Jack and his good friend Simon enjoyed the trains at the Colorado Railroad Museum this past January.


One of Jack’s strangest games is taking off his shoe and putting it on his hand. He spent an entire housewarming party at our friends’ house in the kitchen with one shoe on his hand as he played with the velcro. Silly kid. 🙂

Jack was getting his 2 year molars which explains the chew toy, but sitting in the box? That’s just his favorite past-time.

Jack, being a boy, has hurt given himself a number of bruises over the last few months. This was one of the worst.


Isn’t he cute?!


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