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This kid says the darndest things

Counting has progressed to 1, 4, 5, 6, 7…

After counting anything, Jack throws his arms up in the air, triumphant, “I counting!!”

He often asks, “Is it fun?” or “Is it funny?”

Can *you* tell us apart?

Jack often mixes up my sister Shelby and me in pictures. Today he saw her picture and said, “Eah? Eah? Eah?” (Leah) I think I told him my name once in a picture, trying to distinguish between me and Shelby!

If I ever start singing randomly (it happens more often than you would think) Jack immediately starts shaking his head, “No song!”

We’ve been going house hunting and our realtor has a huge truck. Whenever I tell Jack we’re going to go see a house he asks, “Truck?!”

Jack asks to go to church a lot, which is good because we spend a lot of time there. Let’s hope that enthusiasm lasts…

He’s a born Twins fan. He recognizes a baseball game on the radio immediately and enjoys the “baw game.” (let’s hope they can start playing better…)

He definitely prefers both Papas over the Grandmas (sorry moms). For that matter he prefers Tim over me too.

Last night, I was trying to get Jack to bed and he did not want to cooperate. Since I was being “mean,” he screamed for Daddy – who I instructed to do the same thing I was doing. As soon as Tim picked Jack up, Jack turned to me, pointed his finger and said, “Go!” It’s the first time he has ever talked back to me that way! Such authority in his voice. So snotty! Tim covered his mouth, but because he was laughing so hard I began to shake with laughter too. Oh, Jack won that time. Never again! 😉


2 thoughts on “This kid says the darndest things

  1. The way this page is set up, it looks like Jack (in the picture on the right) is looking at you and Shelby.

    Also, I don’t believe Jack would EVER talk back. It just can’t be.


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