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Some Good News

Hi Everyone!

So, I’ve been thinking about good news this weekend. About how welcome the coverage of the Royal Wedding was for so many simply because weddings are full of hope, of new beginnings, and of love. I’m a person who tends to be rather cynical, pessimistic about… well, most things. I didn’t think I would watch anything regarding the wedding, but I did because I was sucked in by the beauty and the joy of the occasion.

I want to be more joyful. I want to experience the joy of the Lord on a regular basis. To be filled with hope because God is the God of hope. So, I will celebrate in the little things in life. And the big ones. Mainly, the big one in our life right now is I’m pregnant!

I’m about 9 weeks along, the baby is the size of a grape I think, and I rejoice in the formation of this little person. This second child in our family. Oh my word, when I think of how wonderful Jack will be as a big brother, I get teary-eyed and overwhelmed because of how good life is.

Unfortunately, I have had trouble letting myself enjoy all of this. After seeing friends experience miscarriages, nearly losing Jack to one three years ago, and knowing my mom had two, I have been afraid of losing my baby. For a few weeks, we only told a few people, but dealing with morning sickness and fatigue without being able to tell people why – plus being so hormonal and emotional!! – we finally started to tell others. The joy we have received from these friends has been so encouraging. I am thankful for the people in our lives who rejoice with us.

I’m still about 3 weeks out from being “safe”, but I choose to enjoy these 3 weeks. If you see me, you will notice my swelled belly that has popped out so quickly I’m wondering if I’m carrying twins. 🙂 I have started to feel better, though I at times want to throw up for no apparent reason. And, I am beginning to shop this season’s maternity styles – well, the ones on clearance anyway.

So, here’s to hope, joy, and good news! Thanks for celebrating with me.


4 thoughts on “Some Good News

  1. Oh, Leah! Congratulations. I am so thrilled for you, Tim, and big brother Jack! Babies are such miracles, and very good reason to be joyful. I will pray that your little one continues to thrive and that you’re feeling well.


  2. Congratulations, Leah and Tim! What an exciting time for your family. I remember, too, a few moments of wanting to shout “Lay off me, I’m pregnant!” but not wanting to spill the beans too early. Hang in there–it does get (a little bit) easier.


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