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The Highly Anticipated Ultrasound

The Results?

One Baby.

Same Due Date.

“Happy Uterus” (to quote my good friend Jenny).

It’s strange. I was so stressed out about the possibility of having two babies, but now that I know there’s only one I feel like someone is missing. Someone who never existed in the first place. At the same time, the idea of parenting an infant again seems a lot easier than it did a week ago (that’s the relief kicking in).

I appreciate everyone’s support and encouragement after yesterday’s post! It was great to have everyone excited for me, it took the edge off you might say. I hope you’re still excited for Baby E2!

I wish I would have been running a video camera in the ultrasound room today. Tim couldn’t make it because of work and I was a little concerned about how Jack would behave while I was stuck lying on the table. But I sat him on a chair, gave him a baggy of goldfish crackers, and was amazed as he sat back to enjoy the show. As soon as the images popped up on the screen, Jack exclaimed, “Baby!”

I watched in awe as this 5.5cm being waved his/her arms, crossed her/his legs, and generally was adorable. Our first ultrasound with Jack was at 7 or 8 weeks and he was only a blob. This was an altogether different experience. This was a baby! Our baby! Just seeing the baby made me feel at peace. At peace about giving birth, becoming a mommy again, taking care of this baby and Jack. We can do this. In fact, I can’t imagine not doing it. I am so excited to meet our little one who won over my heart in a matter of moments this afternoon. December won’t come fast enough.

Yesterday I promised ultrasound pics before I realized I don’t have a scanner to get them on the computer (how did I forget this?!). But I will get them here asap so you can see our little one.


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