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This Old House

I get overwhelmed easily. There. I said it. It doesn’t take very much for me to feel like the world is too loud, there are too many demands in a day, and that sometimes I just want to run away from it all. Given that natural tendency, it is no surprise to me that I haven’t blogged in nearly 2 months (ok, I’m a little surprised. I didn’t realize it had been that long).

What has been going on you may ask?

Well, to start, we bought a house. (Yay!)

But I wasn’t cheering until we actually moved into the house. For about a week and a half up until closing, almost every day brought a problem to our loan application that had to be solved that moment or we would lose the loan. A week before closing, I prepared myself to have to ask our apartment manager to extend our lease or to see if there was another apartment we could move into if the loan fell through. It was so dramatic. So scary.

But, we did close on the house. On May 27th. And finally, here are some pictures:

Our Home

The Living Room

The Dining Room (and, if you look close, part of the kitchen)

Jack's awesome bedroom

Jack staying cool on the patio

Roses. The one beautiful thing about our yard.

Now, it is pretty clear we still have a lot of work to do (or maybe it isn’t, I didn’t show you everything!). The only room that feels finished is the living room – and even there our artwork is on the floor instead of on the walls and our curtains aren’t quite right. Although we’ve owned the house for 5 weeks, I’ve only been living here for 3 because for 2 we traveled back to the midwest to visit family, to preach (I did, not Tim), and to finally relax! Want to see some pictures from the trip? Ok! (I don’t seem to have any from our time in WI. That was fun too.)

Getting ready for Jack's first Twins game.

Our first trip to Target Field!

It rained. A lot.

Stayed warm with Caribou (it's decaf - and not really his)

Loving the Carousel at Como Zoo

Saying Goodbye

He got really good at the trampoline

On returning to Denver, we are thoroughly “enjoying” homeownership and the responsibilities that come with it. Like, a kitchen drain that needs to be dug up, because someone invented a grease trap 100 years ago and somehow our inspection missed that we had one that needed to be bypassed. <sigh> Other than that, we have really enjoyed having a house. I was so over apartment living. And I don’t think I even realized it.

It’s funny though, because I still forget that we are the only ones who live in this building. On the first night here, I was wincing because our wood floors are sooo squeaky in certain areas.  And then I realized, there’s no one below us to care!! So, we started jumping up and down on the squeaky floor in Jack’s room, celebrating this new found freedom. It really is wonderful.

And, we have so many plans for this little, old house. Stay tuned for some exciting updates.


3 thoughts on “This Old House

  1. Love the pics of your new “old” house!! It’s yours and thats all that matters!! It looks adorable and Jack already looks right at home in it 🙂 Love the roses too….we just planted a rose bush for the first time this spring, we’ll see if it makes it to next spring!! Enjoy your first home…..I so remember those days…. Elsie


  2. YAY! Thank you for the pictures!!! I’m glad you are enjoying homeownership and I LOVE Jack’s room! You didn’t tell us about that!!!


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