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The Praise of Children and Infants

I promised this post on Facebook over a week ago. Here it finally is.

Have you ever been stunned by a Bible verse before? Just stopped in the middle of your reading, in awe of what is written in front of you, thinking, “How can that be? That’s too incredible!” And then, as the reality of it sinks in and you know it is true, you think, “Wow. God is amazing.” Yesterday, Psalm 8 did that to me in a few times. And one of those times was because I’m a mom and I felt it was directly related to my children.

Jack & Lura enjoying ice cream at VBS

Jack & Lura enjoying ice cream at VBS

A couple of weeks ago, Jack went to Vacation Bible School at Littleton United Methodist Church. Seeing that he’s only 2.5, I wasn’t sure how much he would absorb or learn that week. Each day, it seemed the most he understood was that he was going to be with friends, specifically Lura, and that he liked it. Sometimes he talked about the songs, but as I watched him during the singing time on the last day, he wasn’t even facing forward and didn’t seem even aware that the other kids were singing at all. So, I was pleasantly surprised when he began singing Jesus Loves Me last week, all on his own. The words are jumbled, the tune is off, and the only intelligible words are “Jesus” and “Bible tells me,” but the song is there.

I have wondered at times, are his little words worship? I don’t think he really knows who Jesus is, except the man in the robe in his books. And someone we pray to. He is learning, no doubt, but he doesn’t fully understand. So, I guess I’m wondering, does his singing matter to God?

That’s where Psalm 8 caught me. Verse 2 says,

Through the praise of children and infants 
you have established a stronghold against your enemies,
to silence the foe and the avenger.

The praise, the worship, the little words of children and babies silences the Enemy. Jack’s mixed up Jesus Loves Me is a stronghold, a force that battles against our foe, the Devil. Even the anticipated words of my baby inside me can stop the forces of evil, because God has said it is so. These little ones are speaking the words of God and that is a force that cannot be reckoned with. How awesome that God has given them such strength (remember? “They are weak, but He is strong”).

That strength is not lost as we grow up. Unfortunately, as we become self-sufficient, we do not depend on what God has established as our strength, but on ourselves. Today, it is time for me to believe that God has established my worship of Him as a stronghold against the Enemy. How about you? I think I’ll start by praising Him for how He has so fully equipped Jack. What an Awesome God.


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