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The 6 Month Milestone

Ben turned 6 months old today. I’m so so curious about how big this baby is. At his 4 month check up, he weighed 17 lbs 4.5 oz and was as long as a seven month old! (97+%) I think he weighs 20 pounds. Uff da!

Here are some of my favorite things about this boy:
– He does vocal warm ups, beginning on a high note and dropping lower with one long “Aaaaaahhhhhh….”
– When he sneezes, he either smiles or giggles after each one.
– He wakes up happy almost all the time. He squirms and smiles so big his mouth is just wide open.
– He sucks his thumb! Gotta have the lovey. We almost lost it last week. It was nearly a catastrophe.
– He’s so chill. I think he’s an introvert. He seems most happy when I stick him in his crib for a nap or bedtime. That’s when he often does his vocal exercises. An introvert would be nice. We’ll see…
– And yet, when he has a teething ring or a toy he chews on it so aggressively you would think he was trying to tear it to pieces. His mouth is open like he’s showing his teeth and he just goes at it. Kind of like he eats (below).
– His still wonderful Toothless Grin!

Other milestones:
– He’s officially eating solid foods. Not consistently the same amount, but he loves it. He lunges at the spoon with each bite and I’m often afraid I’m going to jam the spoon in the back of his mouth.
– He’s not rolling over yet (Jack didn’t until he was 8 months), but can nearly sit on his own. I think he might be a scooter. When he sits, he rocks back and forth as he reaches for things – usually my phone.
– He always has to see what’s going on which makes for interesting feedings. I call him an owl since it seems he can turn his neck to see behind himself as Jack runs around or if Tim or I walk by.
– Tonight he sleeps in his crib in Jack’s room for the first time. If Jack is quiet enough for him to sleep. Right now I’m hearing – “Mommy!!! Ma-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-aahhh” (fake cries? Oh yes.)

New Update! Since we moved Ben into his crib last week he has been sleeping through the night! Unbelievable! (this pic is from his mini-crib, but who cares! He’s sleeping!)

Those are my updates for my cutie. I will add pictures later. I really want this posted since it has been so very very long.

Pictures have been added! I hope you enjoy them. 🙂


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