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Up North, Minnesota

We finally got away to the cabin.

We played cards. (Nertz & Up and Down the River)

Ate a lot.


Spent time by the water.

Caught some fish.

Brushed up on our native dialect.

Learned some truths.

And just relaxed together.

After spending time at the cabin (where I hadn’t been in four long years though I grew up there in the summers), we returned home where I got to go to a water skiing show. Can you believe I’d never been to one?

Seriously, how do they do that?

I also got to go to a Twin’s game!

With my daddy.

After that, we spent time with more family… and only took pictures of the kids.

How could we not?! So so cute.

It was wonderful. Miss you, Minnesota.


One thought on “Up North, Minnesota

  1. Seeing your pictures of the lake, I am sorry I wasn’t brave enought ot drive up. It brought back memories of when I was there and you were about the size of your children. You have a wonderful family. God bless. Love you, G. Iris


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