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How to Slow Things Down

Jack has it down. We tell him it’s time to put on his shoes and this is the conversation:

Me: Jack, please put on your shoes now.

Jack: Weeellll (you gotta drag out the “well”)… I need to drive my car first.

Me: No, Jack. We need to go in the van. You need to put your shoes on now or you’ll have a time out. (Sounds strict, but he’s gotta know I’m serious or this will go on for 15 minutes)

Jack: Are you kidding me!?!

Me: Nope. Put your shoes on.

Jack: (dawdle, dawdle, dawdle, inches towards the door where his shoes are…)

Me: Do you want your sandals or your shoes?

Jack: (looks at the ceiling, won’t make eye contact)

Me: Jack!

Jack: huh?! (comes back in focus)

Me: Do you want your sandals or your shoes?

Jack: Sandals! (It’s always sandals. Even with socks. – see pic)

Me: Ok, put them on.

Jack (sits down, picks up his left sandal and begins putting it on his right foot): Are these the wrong feet?

Me: Yes!

Jack: Doh! (enter crazy giggle as he puts on his sandals correctly and we can finally go out the door – which might take another ten minutes, but that’s another story)

End Scene


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