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I Want My Mom!

Did you see my slip up yesterday? Yeah, from my phone I posted a blog about Ben being one, Jack being four and then an odd post called One and Four that was a draft that was accidentally published and I can’t figure out how to take down from my iPhone.* And really, I don’t care because I’ve been so sick.

Tim was sick, too, but he seems to have bounced back. He was great, finding a baby sitter on Tuesday while I was… You know… Incapacitated. Still, all I could think was of how much easier it would have been if we lived closer to my parents. My mom would’ve come over, taken care of me the boys (well, me too, of course) and maybe I would be feeling 100% better today. Moms are the best, right? They have that magic touch.

Soon, Mom! We’ll be there soon!


*Note: It looks like maybe I did get it down! Yes? No? Yes?


3 thoughts on “I Want My Mom!

  1. I think you successfully removed that “one and four” post. Well done.

    Also, I totally understand the, “I want my mom,” sentiment. Must be due to the fact that we have a great one 🙂


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