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Mommy-hood Moments

That moment when you realize the dishes in the sink are from 6 days ago.

That moment when, while changing a messy diaper, you notice your baby’s “what the heck?” expression while simultaneously noting a bit of poop on his upper lip.

That moment when you realize you have been absent mindedly receiving from the baby tiny pieces of food, dirt, paper, etc. from the basement rug for several minutes and now have quite the collection. –!!! (time to roomba)

That moment when you find a clump of hair mixed in with the toys.


That moment when your active baby lets you snuggle for one more moment.

That moment when you discover your son dried his soapy, wet play dough off with your husbands towel turning it neon yellow.


That moment when you hear your husband, preschooler and baby all laughing at the same time.

That moment when you can’t figure out why you’re feeling weird and realize you’re menstruating for the first time in two years.

That moment when you remember there’s no such thing as perfect or simple when it comes to motherhood and feel freedom, love, and grace just when you need it most.


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