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Parenting Blows My Mind

You know, sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing. Lately, I’ve been wondering how on earth other moms clean their houses AND make healthy meals AND take care of their kids FULL TIME. (the boys were home from day care last week – aaaahhh!!!)

But I do know that even though I struggle in knowing how to do it, I deeply desire to raise my kids as people who respect others, love God, and are basically kind to one another – they are brothers after all.

A post by Amy Bayliss had me in tears this morning. It’s called “Do you mind if I teach my sons to respect your daughters?” (Go. Read it.) I am not entirely sure why I cried, except that I am so overwhelmed by our sex obsessed culture that is trapping our men (and increasingly our women) in pornography addiction. If you don’t believe it exists, well, start talking to people about how much they view it and, if they are honest, how they can’t go without it. But I digress…

No, I don’t. I don’t want my kids to be trapped in obsession with sex. Sex is a beautiful thing, created by God. It is also widely distorted, abused and people are abused along with it. To learn more about how young girls are forced into being part of pornography, read this. Oh, I’m getting riled up now!!

I am often fearful that nothing I can do can stop them from being sucked into our culture of selfish attitudes and demanding instant gratification. But this article on teaching our sons reminds me that we can. We can teach that a girl is not an object to be stared at for personal pleasure. We can teach that sex is not the goal in loving a girl. We can teach that treating a girl like a sex object is degrading to her as a person, not to mention disrespectful to even us, their mothers. (I’m a girl too, you know.)

I don’t know if this will ring true for any of the rest of you. You should really read Amy’s article. It’s better written, but this is on my heart. Thanks, Amy, for a glimpse of hope and teaching us how.

Oh God, help us. Oh God, have mercy. Oh God, be near. Please love us and forgive us.


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