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Behind this Door

Behind this door today, I conceded that I did indeed have a migraine as I swallowed the meds taken hours too late behind this door.

Behind this door tonight, Jack removed the cover from my razor and bled and cried out to me from behind this door.

Behind this door immediately after I bandaged Jack’s thumb, Ben locked himself in behind this door.

Behind this door he cried while I could only think, this day is ridiculous, as I removed the knob to free my son from behind this door.

Behind this door I will bathe and relax after a crazy day and I’ll finally leave this door to tomorrow when many other more ordinary things will happen behind this door.



2 thoughts on “Behind this Door

  1. This is a great picture of a busy house of two intelligent boys. Mother, be “Content” in your ability to take care of the “accidents” boys will have. I remember one day when Bruce fell on a pile of the neighbors bricks and had a deep, but small hole in his forehead. I called Dick to come as I was sure he needed a stitch and I did not have a drivers license or a car yet. Dick came and looked at it and said, “you are the one that needs a stitch” turned around and went back to the office and left me to clean and dress it alone and nurse a deeper wound that said to me, “you aren’t helping me one bit”. I got over it and in God’s word, I remembered what Paul said, “whatever state I am in, I will be content” or something close to that. Then the day He fell off the neighbors Gas truck. A large bump appeared on his head. A call to my Dr. and he said “it’s okay. A bump to the outside is good, if no bump we would worry as the swelling may be inside his head and serious”. Please notice, both times Bruce was where he shouldn’t have been. At least your boys were in YOUR house. Love you Leah. Take care. G.Iris


    • Thank you, Grandma. I always appreciate your stories. For one, they’re helpful and relatable, for two I’m glad to know you can remember so much! So often I feel I’ll forget everything. I’m grateful for God’s hand in our lives. And that our children are ok despite their injuries. Love you.


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