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When I write here, as infrequent as I am, I always try to stick to my tag line, the joys and struggles of motherhood. Some days are harder than others and I am tempted to moan and whine about those to whoever will hear. Diaper blowouts. Sick, whining children. 10 hour work days. Relational stress. Hard questions with no easy answers. These things have dominated my days this week. I feel myself inclined to moan and whine along with my children, when what I’m aching for is joy. JOY!

This morning, the ground is blanketed with snow. As much as I love a snowy day, I scowled as my friends on Facebook celebrated their snow days. I imagine them relaxing in their sweats, with the TV on, at their computers, enjoying the freedom of working from home while a snow day to me feels less like freedom and more like confinement. I continue on with my normal work, send my son out into the snow only to have him tearfully return because the snow crept into the cuffs of his mittens, deal with fighting over movies, the smells of baby boy’s digestion problems invading my senses… Less than wonderful.

I whine and moan and feel sorry for myself, only to remember that joy comes with practice. We can learn to be joyful. We can be joyful through practicing gratitude, by recognizing the joyful moments and taking the opportunities to celebrate them.

And so, I create joy. Two bowls of ice cream, mugs of hot cocoa, and extra marshmallows that enliven our taste buds, put light in my son’s eyes, and remind me it is good to rest, good to stop and celebrate – even a snow day.


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