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I’m Willing to be Willing

5minutefridayEvery Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker and writers across the web join Five Minute Friday for five minutes of writing on the word of her choice. There are no major edits, no second guesses, just five minutes to write. I join to grow as a writer. Here is this week’s Five Minute Friday.


“I’m willing to be willing.”

This phrase was given to me by a mentor years ago speaking about our willingness to follow God. So often we say we want to know what God wants for us, we want to hear His voice, we want to obey, but when it comes down to it, the things he asks of us are often scary, uncertain or hard. We trust (most of the time) that He has our best intentions at His heart, yet we don’t take those steps forward to actually follow Him.

We want to be willing to follow, but we’re not.

So, we keep our hands closed, our back turned, and our feet going our own way. Yet, there is that nagging voice called the Holy Spirit calling to us, asking us to come back and receive the promises He has for us.

I’m willing to be willing.

When I’m willing to be willing, I am acknowledging that I’m not willing. No, I don’t want to do that. But I’m want to want to do that. Because I know it is best.

Right now, I feel God is asking me to step out and trust Him in some major life changes. To trust Him with finances. To trust Him with the dreams He has placed in my heart. To trust Him with steps forward in writing (can I do it?) and my family (can I handle it?).

But I have to take the step. I have to choose to follow Him. I have been hearing the call, aching to follow, but I’m also afraid.

It helps so much to see people who have gone before me. My friend who is writing a book. My other friend who quit her job to follow the new path God has for her. Their stories are not exactly the same as mine, but when I’m with them, God whispers to me, “See? See what I want for you? Do you see how good it is and how much I love them – and how much I love you? Will you follow me?”

I am willing to be willing… and as I repeat it, more and more this mantra grows to become: Yes, I do want it. I will do it.

I am willing.

“See, I am doing a new thing…”

Isaiah 43:19


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