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Monday Moments (Words, Music, Images to Restore): You’re Beautiful

Mondays are hard. This should go without saying. For many of us, we must get up on time for school, work, appointments, and other responsibilities and as we hit the ground running, we find we forgot to take a moment for ourselves. We forgot to take a moment with God. We forgot to take a moment to just be. This can be that moment.

I hope to contribute to your Mondays not with something else to fret about, but with something to enjoy. I hope to bring you words of encouragement, songs that redeem, even videos that bring smiles! I am always reading something and I would love to share other people’s words that have helped me. My life also has a soundtrack of music that ministers to my heart, I hope the songs care for you as well. And sometimes I just need a happy video to get me going, so those will be found here, too.

I’m excited to start my Mondays out strong. I hope you will join me.

It had been tough couple of weeks that really left me dry. A woman I was just getting to know, who could have been a friend, died suddenly in a car accident. A conflict between friends tore at my heart. My computer became infected with malware and would not be clean no matter what I did (and it was truly all my fault to begin with)… Top that off with an emotionally, physically, intellectually challenging week of work and followed by intense conflicts with my kids and I felt done. Just done.

I was cleaning up a week’s worth of dishes and I wondered how I could continue to do it all. All of the laundry, the parenting, the counseling, the teaching, the caring… I didn’t have anything left. And then I wondered if I would be good enough if I couldn’t do it all. I wondered if the hurt from the loss and the pain from all of the conflicts would ever go away… and then this song came on the radio, silencing my fears and calming my heart.

Beautiful. Treasured. Loved.

Loved “enough to die.”

These messages, these words were Truth spoken over me in love at a time when I needed it most. I don’t know if I’ve ever been ministered to by a radio station before, but that day I was.

We can get so caught up in the lies that are put on us by the world, by other people, by the devil himself (the father of all lies) that we no longer can see the truth. We don’t sense it. We don’t hear it. We don’t believe it.

But then, something – Someone breaks through with Truth.

I know I’m not the only one. I know I’m not the only one who struggles to hear God’s words of love. But before I was “good enough” Jesus loved me and he died for me. I am not rejected, I am loved.


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