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Are You Ready?

Five Minute Friday… on Tuesday. Oh well. 😉 Today’s writing prompt, Ready.

Jack, Ready for Circus Night at Chick-fil-a.

Jack, Ready for Circus Night at Chick-fil-a.

Am I ready? Are you?

I’ve waited and waited to write my book, now that the time has come to actually do it, I’ve wondered, can I? Am I actually able, ready to do this?

We wonder if we’re ready all through life. Are we ready to get married? Are we ready to buy a house? Area we ready to have kids? Are we ready to have a pet? Are we ready to commit? Are we ready to pull away? Are we ready to work? Are we ready to rest?

We – or maybe I should say I, I don’t want to speak for you –  wonder so much about being ready, I often wind up sitting, not doing anything, but waiting when it is time to go. I don’t take the opportunity presented to me, but sit long past the time when God said, “Go!”

So, I’m ready. I’m ready to take the step to write the book. Yes, I’m writing a book. I don’t know the title (are you good at titles? Suggest something! ;)), but here’s what it’s about:

The  biggest struggle of a new mama is not breastfeeding, sleep schedules, or perpetual laundry, it is figuring out how to (re)connect with God in this new stage of life. My book is a devotional reflecting on the truth about God’s unique love for mamas as well as creative ways to meet with Him in the midst our bleary eyes and draining days.

I’m ready. Will you help me? Will you provide feedback? Because I know I need your help. I need your voice. Were you ready to be a mom? Were you ready to connect with God postpartum? Were you able to? What was it like?

Will you be part of my Awesome Mamas Group? Yeah, I’m making a group. It’ll be on Facebook and everything. Watch for it.

Will you follow this blog and provide feedback? Because your words, your experiences are sooooo important. You keep me going. You provide the perspective I need to hear and see, because your unique life can speak into mine and into the others who will one day ready the book.

I’m writing this book. And as we connect, talk, listen, pray, read, be, we mamas are writing it together. Are you ready?

I am.

Let’s go.



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