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And the winner is…

In the past week 60 people have responded to my survey. This is beyond my silent, private goal of 50 and I am so grateful! Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey, shared the survey on Facebook, and have offered encouraging words to me about writing a book.

Stepping out as a writer has been really intimidating to me. Questions and doubts surround me. Can I do it? Do I really have something to offer? Am I crazy for trying? But your response has been so encouraging. So, thank you! Every one of you!

And the math geek inside of me is looking forward to compiling your answers into graphs… yup, graphs. I’ll share when they’re available. 🙂 AND I’ll give you my own answers.

Unfortunately, not every survey respondent told me they filled it out. The survey is completely anonymous so I don’t know who completed it unless you told me. 😦 But out of the 27 who did tell me we have a winner!!!

Melanie A.

Congratulations, Melanie! I hope you love Calhoun’s Spiritual Disciplines Handbook as much as I do!

I am reading another fantastic book right now and I have a feeling I’ll be holding another giveaway pretty soon, so stay tuned!

God bless you all!!




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