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For the first time, I acknowledged my loss…

Day 8 of 31 Days of Connecting31 days of connecting

My journey of 31 days is taking a little turn. Over the next days – as many as it takes – I want to share my recent story with you. It started here, yesterday. Please start there. I pray that hearing my story of connecting – of REconnecting – will help you connect with God, others, and yourself.

In January 2013, I felt life was going really well. Ben was one, Jack was four, my depression was under control, I had excitement for Scum of the Earth Church and sensed that God was bringing something new to our community through a movement of prayer and worship.  I had hope of redemption and faith that God brings things around for the better – hope that I had been missing for a few years. At last God had reminded me that He brings joy to life, not just endurance.

So, when we held our first night of prayer and worship at Scum, I was filled with anticipation and expectation of what God would do.

The evening was beautiful as people came and saught the LORD. And God was moving. He was redeeming. He was encouraging. He was speaking. I was honored to be part of it and more confident than ever that this was where I was supposed to be.

Then one of our leaders asked my husband, Tim, and me to pray for his health. I prayed. Tim prayed. When we finished, he turned to Tim and told him how impactful his prayer was. That there was power in his hands.

He said nothing to me.

I felt myself fall to pieces. My confidence vanished. I was hurt that he didn’t recognize God’s work in me – I feared maybe God wasn’t working in me. I battled with my insecurity and shame until I finally told Tim, “I feel useless.”

Tim then wanted to ask that same leader we prayed for to pray for me. I was horrified and scared to discover where these feelings were coming from. Was I under spiritual attack?

But we asked the leader, and he prayed over me. Then he said the thing I least expected. He said that fear is often connected to grief. He told me I need to consider what I’ve lost in my life and how that has affected me and caused me to fear. My fear and insecurity was not an outside attack, but God was healing me by revealing my deep pain.

I was bewildered. I had never considered myself as needing to grieve. However, within 24 hours, I had a list of lost relationships; more than 20 individuals whose relationship with me had been severed in some way. From middle school friends to professional mentors. From relatives to peers. From best friends to boyfriends. Deaths. Illnesses. Moves. I had said goodbye to so many people and I felt the hurt of them all.

For the first time I acknowledged my loss.

And my pain.

I wrote in my journal:

Sometimes I fear no one loves me as deeply as I do them. That Tim could not be as crazy about me as I am about him. Or that friends don’t want my friendship. Or even, Lord, that I have to earn your favor… Now, being away from family, having few friends, or even close co-workers, I feel afraid of losing more, being rejected all over again…

I began to grieve.

day 8to be continued…



9 thoughts on “For the first time, I acknowledged my loss…

  1. Wow Leah…I can’t tell you how much I needed that. I have been hit really hard this year and last…lots of grief and lots of loss. Anger at God has been my sustenance…kind of what kept me going. Only yesterday, I started reading Confessions by Augustine and a little chink in my armor was revealed and I felt light coming in. God is with me. All of the sudden, I feel love-starved and parched but wasn’t sure if God truly wanted me. Your blog REALLY encouraged me. Thanks for being brutally honest. I relate with everything you said. I will let Coltin speak for himself, but you are a safe place for me and have been for a long time. I remember opening up my heart to you and expecting to be treated as a mission project, but you placed value on me as a person. We don’t get to talk much, but there is true affection in my heart for you my friend.


    • Oh Josh! I know you have. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing part of your journey with me. I appreciate your friendship and Coltin’s as well. (I got to run into him at the shop today – I really am only there whenever he is. It’s hilarious!) Praying for you with the most recent loss of your friend. May God be with you!


  2. This is so powerful; you sharing your experience. I’ve been a late joiner but from what I read so far God is re-stirring the pot, my heart. Thanks for your words! May God continue to lead you! Xoxo


  3. Leah, I am loving your transparency in your posts and I know God is using you with your writing. You have been encouraging to me and always have a compassionate ear with your busy life. Love you!!


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