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When you’re connected you can see love in action.

Day 17 of 31 Days of Connecting

My good friend is in the hospital. She has sudden preeclampsia and is barely 29 weeks pregnant. After seeing her battle infertility, my heart breaks for her and her circumstances.

And my heart sings because people love her. Not only do they love her, but they are showing her love through caring for her family.

I am taking her 3 year old for the weekend and have been in contact with at least 10 people this morning who want to help. Dozens and dozens are praying for the family.

You guys, God is at work in his people. Through their heartbreak, His is being expressed. In their action, He is moving. In their prayers, He is interceding.

My friend has been vulnerable with this community. In the midst of her struggle to get pregnant, she invited everyone to pray for her. She took a huge risk in being honest about her pain. And because of it, she is loved. Not that she wouldn’t be loved without her truth being out there, but her connection to the community is so strong because she took the risk.

They need your prayers. Their son needs comfort. We are all doing our best to provide, but we cannot underestimate the power of God in prayer.

I think of Jesus being interrupted constantly to heal. This is one of those interruptions and He is at work. I believe that. I see that.

To our community: Thank you for being the hands of Jesus. The words of Jesus. The prayers of Jesus.


UPDATE: She’s ok!

A super discerning doctor decided to wait until at least this afternoon before doing anything. It turns out she had gallstones and only a mild case of preeclampsia. She is most likely going home, tomorrow! Thanks be to God. And thanks for your prayers.


19 thoughts on “When you’re connected you can see love in action.

  1. Saw your post in the 31 Days forum and came to read. I will definitely keep your friend and her family in my prayers. The blessing, of course, is that at 29 weeks, the baby is viable, although will likely be very small and may need to stay in the hospital a good while. My sweet niece was born at 31 weeks because my sister-in-law had preeclampsia and they were so afraid that she was going to stroke out that they did an emergency c-section. She is now a very smart, healthy, silly 8.5 year old. I know it wasn’t easy in the beginning (but all newborns have their challenges, don’t they?), but she did really well. I just say that to encourage you and hopefully provide some encouragement to your friend should you want to pass it along. In addition to my own prayers, I will include her in our family’s night time prayers and ask my favourite patron saint of expectant mothers, St. Gerard Majella to pray for her too. God bless you and your friend! Please update as you are able!

    Therese Moma

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    • Thank you, Therese! We have several friends who have gone through similar circumstances. I spoke to one this morning who was in tears as she relives her experience through our friend. I appreciate your prayers and will keep people updated.


    • A discerning doctor decided to wait a bit and it turns out she had gal stones! She still has mild preeclampsia, but will most likely go home tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers! What a relief!


  2. Praise God for the update! Praying for your friend and her family. What a beautiful post. It’s so true- it’s hard to be vulnerable but that allows others to know us, love us, and support us. beautiful to see love in action!

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  3. Praise God! I’m a widowed mom of four kids. Over the past 13 months since my husband died I have watched the amazing faithfulness of God played out in the people He has used to care for my kids and I. We have been cared for and provided for by people across denominational lines in ways that still amaze me. Praise God for your friend’s good report. Keep writing, fellow 31 Dayer.


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