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Why I’m Grateful for My Smartphone – and it’s not Candy Crush

The Way of Gratitude: Day 4 (originally published here)

note: when I wrote this, we had no internet at home and everything I did was on my smartphone. We live in the future, guys. 

Ok, this thing I’m grateful for? And decided I was going to write about last night? Technology? Well, that’s pretty ironic, because I spent the half hour before bed looking for my phone which is what I’m writing all of this on. So, I’m a few hours behind, but I’m still thankful for technology – and specifically this phone. Here’s why.

Because of this phone, even though I started out the day forgetting a meeting, I received a text about it, was able to look up directions, and got there. I was late. But I got there. And it was one of the most edifying meetings. Really wonderful.

On this phone I was also able to listen to “Laura Story Radio” on Pandora for free. I was then able to make an emergency call to my boss who is in Indiana because the pilot lights on the stove at our building were out yesterday, gas was leaking into the kitchen, and I didn’t know how to relight them. Long distance calls, just like that. (Remember calling cards? When Tim and I were long distance, I had the numbers memorized.)

From the computer, I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut two hours ahead of time; thus making dinner after work a breeze. And later, I looked up a movie at red box from an app and used a coupon code I received in a text to BOGO for us and the boys.

Finally, for five minutes before bed, Jack got to Skype with Grammy and Auntie Laura – through my phone! – and they read him a bedtime story.


That’s the true reason I’m thankful for technology. Because even though we live 927 miles from my parents’ house, and 1,090 miles from Tims’, my kids still know their grandparents and we get to see them on a regular basis. And for that, I am truly grateful.


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