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What Every Mama Wants to See

The Way of Gratitude: Day 5 (originally posted here)

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A note before this repost. Reading and watching this, I am filled with glee. While back then I was grateful for a milestone, today I am grateful for the relationship that has developed over the last 3 years between my boys. They may fight, but they are always there for each other. THAT is something to be thankful for.

Tonight I’ll make it short and sweet. I’m grateful that Ben can finally walk so people will stop worrying about him. He’s a late walker, but so was Jack. Here’s a video I put on YouTube, but I can’t seem to imbed it on this page from my phone. I guess technology’s not all there yet. 😉

And I’m grateful for this moment with my boys. Jack was always trying to get Ben to walk to him, but he freaked the poor kid out with his enthusiasm. 🙂 So, this was fun to see.

Of course now he’s getting into everything, but this is a post about being grateful, so I won’t go there. (But I really hope he doesn’t climb onto the table again when my back is turned. Or the back of the couch. Or grab something off of the stove. Or a knife from the dishwasher… Child proofing is tough!)


2 thoughts on “What Every Mama Wants to See

  1. I experienced the same thing with my oldest being a slow walker and everyone asking about it, even the teacher at a mommy and me class. Now that my boys run around tackling one another, I can’t help but chuckle about how we tend to ignore the fact that kids move to the beat of their own drum.


    • Our culture has become quite obsessed with documenting everything, hasn’t it? I was just grateful or pediatrician recognized his other signs of growth. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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